15 Mobile Games Like Boom Beach, Enjoying Four Corners

Supercell, one of the giants of the mobile gaming world, loves games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach. The reason for this is that the games are easy and fun to play. So what are the other fun games in Boom Beach style?

Supercell, which has a great place in Android and iOS, in the mobile gaming world, has lots of fun and millions of downloads. Developed by Supercell Boom BeachGames such as Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Brawl Stars are now among the most popular games in the mobile gaming world.

Boom Beach The artillery unit, the Clash of Clans village layouts and the Clash Royale chests are the terms that have played a major role in the lives of mobile players. Brawl Stars' fun 3v3 modes and the Avengers mode also managed to be greatly appreciated by mobile players. Hay Day, the legendary Facebook game Farmville-style farming, you can have a nice time.

And as you know Supercell'Placing on the market that are prepared in Rush Wars games, this game has not yet been presented to download in Turkey, but recently, we prepared a guide on how to do it. Rush Wars is one of the games Supercell expects to hit. Let's go to our list before we scam further:

Boom Beach enthusiasts will like the game suggestions:

Brawl Stars

  • Producer: Supercell
  • Size: 105 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.5 stars

Brawl Stars is a game where you can team up with your friends and have fun in different game modes. The graphics of the game from Supercell, the producer of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, are similar to the games we mentioned. Many characters with different features in the game you want to play and select.

Download Brawl Stars:

Rush Wars

  • Producer: Supercell
  • Size: 94 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.4 stars

Rush Wars is a game where you have to build a team with different characters and different equipment specific to those characters. Together with this team, you go to different geographies in the game and explore the mine zones, defeat the enemies, win prizes and seize the mines. We have not yet prepared a detailed guide on how you can play the game how to download and download the game presented not only in Turkey.

To answer the question of how to download unpublished Rush Wars in Turkey here You can click.

Hay Day

  • Producer: Supercell
  • Size: 109 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.6 stars

Even if you are not a farmer, Hay Day allows you to be united with nature and to deal with earth works in the simplest way. In Hay Day, your goal is to build your farm like the old Facebook game Farmville, to get crops. Then enlarge your farm as much as you can. If you want to spend time and have fun this time Hay Day will help you with this.

Hay Day download:

Clash of Clans

  • Producer: Superell
  • Size: 110 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.6 stars

Clash of Clans is a mobile game that allows Supercell to continue to develop games and so to speak today. Your goal in the game is to organize your village, set up your army and destroy your enemies. If you want to strengthen your army with a community, you can also join a Clan in the game.

Download Clash of Clans:

Clash Royale

  • Producer: Supercell
  • Size: 99 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.3 stars

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game featuring your favorite Clash characters. You collect and develop dozens of cards from Clash of Clans troops, including characters, spells and defensive mechanics, and battle your opponents in real-time multiplayer mode. Your goal is to drop your opponent's King and Princess.

Download Clash Royale:

Boom Beach

  • Producer: Supercell
  • Size: 102 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.5 stars

Boom Beach is a fun and time-consuming strategy game where you use your brain to battle your troops against the evil Blackguard. In the game you can attack enemy bases to save the islanders who have been sentenced, or you can join your friends and troops to fight other united enemies.

Download Boom Beach:

Battle Glory 2

boom beach apk

  • Producer: MG Studio LLC
  • Size: 66 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.5 stars

Battle Glory 2 is the sequel to the Battle Glory game with over 3 million downloads. Your goal in the game to establish your unity, join one clan and attack other clans. According to the developer, players sometimes try to beat the opposing clans by not leaving the game for 20 hours a day, or even 2-3 days in a row.

Download Battle Glory 2:

Army of Heroes

  • Producer: Plamee Tech (CY) Limited
  • Size: 46 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.6 stars

For Army of Heroes, we can say that Clash of Clans is a more realistic version of the characters and universe. Again in the game to establish your base, strengthening with military vehicles and troops, join the battles and try to destroy your enemies. The graphics of the game are also satisfactory for a strategy game. The game also has Turkish language support.

Download Army of Heroes:

Jungle Heat: War of Clans

  • Producer: B.V.
  • Size: 86 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.3 stars

Jungle Heat takes place in a universe full of oil and gold in the tropics occupied by General Bloodsucker. Your goal in the game is to take out local riches, take advantage of them, strengthen your base, one with other people and try to defeat your enemies is a strategy game. War mechanics in the game also offers a fun gameplay without tiring your head.

Download Jungle Heat:

Pocket Troops: Strategy RPG

  • Producer: Azur Interactive Games Limited
  • Size: 49 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.3 stars

Pocket Troops is a highly entertaining platform-strategy game in which you develop and deploy your characters and progress to new enemies. The music of the game is so called ici gas-provoking ’and they are all specially prepared for the game. Different characters with different features in the game you are trying to build a team and pass the sections.

Download Pocket Troops:

Brawl Troopers

  • Producer: Azur Interactive Games Limited
  • Size: 30 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.4 stars

Brawl Troopers is a game similar to Pocket Troops, also developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited. Your goal in the game again, collecting characters with different characteristics from each other, create a composition in front of the enemy in front of the strategy by defeating sections to pass.

Download Brawl Troopers:

Mighty Battles

  • Producer: Hothead Games
  • Size: 89 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.3 stars

Mighty Battles is a strategy game where you deploy your troops in real-time 1 to 1 combat and control their attacks. Your mission as commander in the game is to destroy enemy bases. You need to deploy your units in waves and plan it well. It's a nice game to use for your free time.

Download Mighty Battles:

West Legends: 3v3 MOBA

  • Producer: Taihe Games
  • Size: 91 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.1 stars

West Legends: 3v3 MOBA is a Wild West themed version of the Brawl Stars MOBA game where you fight against each other in 3-player teams with different characters. Unlike Brawl Stars in West Legends, you can choose which feature of your character you can improve.

Download West Legends:

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

  • Producer: Lilith Games
  • Size: 99 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.4 stars

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is as popular as Clash of Clans, and the logic of the two games is very similar. The difference of Rise of Kingdoms from Clash of Clans is that real states / empires take part in the game. In the game you can take the Ottoman Empire, strengthen your troops and try to defeat your enemies with allied states.

Download Rise of Kingdoms:

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

  • Producer: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Size: 97 MB
  • Game Rating: 4.3 stars

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is the latest Ubisoft game for mobile. Your goal in the game, by improving your character in front of the castle by defeating your enemies to pass the other part. The game also includes Ezio Auditore, which we know and love from the Assassin’s Creed series.

Download The Mighty Quest: