1965 Ford Mustang transforms into a racing car without driver

In recent times, we have added a new one to the driverless tools we have heard a lot about.

Autonomous automobiles are probably the first line of technology among the most important tools that technology has gained us. A new addition has been added to these curiosity-provoking vehicles, which are eye-catching with their equipment and features.

The autonomous vehicle, designed with the help of a science and engineering school in the UK, is equipped with precision software and hardware. Mustang, who will know where to go in the future, has already published internal photos, but the company's spokesperson said digital trends could still be sustained.


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Mustang used a 4.7-liter V8 engine; 200, 225 or 271 horsepower. The autonomous vehicle, in which eight cylinders are available, will race for Googwood from July 12th to July 15th.

The source of the company, which has placed a camera even behind the wheel, is where it will take its place in the sequence.