2 Turkish Citizens Living Abroad Lost Their Lives

The Corona virus, which affects more than 200 thousand people worldwide, has also affected Europe. One of the countries where the most virus cases are seen, 1 Turk lost his life in Austria.

The number of cases exceeds 200 thousand worldwide Corona virusAccording to official figures, it caused more than 8 thousand people to die. Health Minister also announced that yesterday at midnight Fahrettin husband in Turkey Corona virus because the first death occurred.

In addition, a Turk lost his life in Austria, where 1,646 cases were seen and 4 people died. 28-year-old young woman who died due to Corona virus kidney failure and diabetes was also present. In addition, Hayri Ergönül, 55, who lives in England, is among those who lost their lives.

The first Turkish to die in Austria due to Corona virus

corona virus

28-year-old, explaining that people lost their lives in Clover Akyol, Turkey's ambassador Ozan Ceyhun was. Stating that every kind of support is given to the family, Ceyhun is the first time in Austria because of the Corona virus of a Turk. that you lost your life He explained.

Yonca Akyol's father, Mustafa Akyol, has had kidney failure and diabetes in his daughter, since last week after the diagnosis of the Corona virus. in intensive care He stated that he was being held.


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In addition, 55-year-old Hayri Ergönül, who lives in England, also died due to the Corona virus. Ergönül, who was treated at North Middlesex Hospital in England, also during treatment pneumonia was also caught. According to the data on the Worldometer, 2,626 people were diagnosed with Corona virus in the UK and 71 people died throughout the country. UK, with the most cases of Corona virus in the world Located at 10th country location.

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