2018 iPad Pro Has a Notch-Thin and Slim-Frame Design

There are some design details about the new iPad Pro that Apple will introduce in the coming months. According to leaked information, the new iPad will have a notch-free design.

Leaks related to Apple's 2018 iPad models continue to arrive every day. The latest information reveals the design of the new iPad models.

The icons first appeared in iOS 12 Beta, revealing the design of the new iPad Pro. This leak, which shows us that the device will come with thinner and rounded frames, has also revealed that the new iPad Pro will not have a notch and home button.

In addition, a multi-tasking interface that emerged yesterday in the iOS Simulator made it possible for these claims to be almost certain. Of course, it is possible that there will be a change in the design later in the beta as the use for developers is available.

If all these spills were to be taken into consideration, the new iPad Pro comes with thin, notched and rounded corners. The iPad Pro, which is said to have an advanced face recognition system according to a previously leaked, is uncertain how to do it without a notch. The iPad Pro with J3XX code in iOS 12 codes came with Face ID system. Also, according to these codes, Face ID can also work in landscape position on the new iPad Pro.

This mixed situation strengthens the claims of two different iPad models, notched and notched. We will also be seeing new iPad models with 3.5 mm headphone jacks removed in the coming months.