2019 Super Speed ​​Wi-Fi Feature Available on iPhones

Information on the phones to be introduced in 2019 continues to be shared. According to the infiltrated information, new high-speed Wi-Fi technology will be used in the new iPhone models that will be released this year, 30% faster than the old models. also announced by investment analysts. The analysts who shared their sensations with their customers with their customers shared a note about their new iPhone and Galaxy series with their customers today. Barclays analysts claim to be invested in investing in Apple and Samsung. As is known, Wi-Fi 6 is faster than Wi-Fi 5 and allows many devices in a region to establish wireless connections at the same time.


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In addition to the 1 GHz and 5 GHz bands, the Wi-Fi 6 will also work in the 2.4 GHz band, allowing communication with phones, tablets and other equipment that communicate with them. The Wi-Fi Alliance, which certifies wireless communication devices and sets new standards, has not yet officially announced the final version of Wi-Fi 6, but announced the release date of the next generation wireless communication system 2019 earlier. This is strengthening the claim that the new iPhones will have Wi-Fi 6.

The only claim to be on the iPhone that will be on sale this year is not the Wi-Fi 6 feature. Although it is not confirmed by official channels, the number of cameras on the new iPhone will increase by 1. It is also said that the 2019 iPhone will have a smaller notch and a faster Face ID system. We will learn if all of this information is true after Apple's official statement.


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