2019 Year of Turkey's Current Population

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), belonging to the Address Based Population Registration System has announced its 2018 results. [19659002] As you know, in the past year a census was done at regular intervals. A curfew is now announced these days and there will be only civil servants on the roads. However, this kind takes place through digital census counts.

also publishes annual studies in recent years TurkStat, Turkey belongs to the 2018 Population Registration System has announced its 2018 results. Accordingly, the population of the country last year was 80 million 810 thousand 525 people, 82 million 3 thousand 882 in the new year were calculated. thousand 902). Moreover, Turkey's most populous province with 15 million 67 thousand 724 people, while Istanbul, Ankara 5.5 million people took part in second place. In Izmir, 4.3 million of our citizens live. [19659005] If the past days, President Erdogan in our country join in the knowledge that 4 million Syrians live accounts, there are about 86 million people in the current borders of Turkey. [19659006] RELATED NEWS

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