2020 First Images from Toyota Supra

The new Toyota Supra, which we were expecting to see for the first time at the Detroit Auto Show, appeared with a tweet by the Toyota Maksika

. Japanese car giant Toyota's legendary car, Supra, is getting ready to return to roads with its eye-catching design.

Toyota's new car for the first time appeared in Mexico. The car we've only seen camouflaged photos of before, and we hear the sound of the engine in the promotional video, seems quite remarkable. and this is the story of the return of AkioToyoda. 900 (even though the tweet has been deleted but screenshots are already taken) The vehicle was originally expected to appear at the Detroit Motor Show next week. However, in the video shared by Toyota Mexico's Twitter account at night, the car showed all its glory.


            Toyota Supra's New Brief Introduction Video

Although we don't have much technical knowledge about the new Toyota Supra, it is possible to say that it has similar features as the BMW Z4. The vehicle on which the vehicle is produced and the engine of the vehicle have similar features with BMW. The vehicle's chassis and the 3.0-liter turbo sequential 6-cylinder engine and eight-speed automatic gearbox come from Munich. Toyota's software is completely Japanese-made and Tada's engineers agree that the engine is entirely BMW-made, according to Toyota. Although the engine's engine power is estimated to be 340 hp, it is not clear

The new Supra will have more engine options. The previously announced 4-cylinder turbo version will be available and a hybrid version will be available. Toyota aims to protect the confidentiality of this issue, but Tada said in a previous statement, "one of the entertainment of a new car to announce the first model of a car, then keep it fresh with regular updates."

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The vehicle looks very good and balanced in the video. The front side of the vehicle, which is particularly good, could be made a bit boring, perhaps with a different fender or bonnet, and an opposite corner. the center of gravity is quite below, which allows the vehicle to be more stable and more agile.

The previous Supra was known as the Japanese Mustang and was a favorite of modifiers. We'll see if the new car will take its place.