2020 Model Mercedes S-Class With Huge Displays

The prototypes of the new-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class have been shown outside. The car is expected to be introduced at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show and will be in the showrooms as the 2021 model in 2020.

As we learned from the previous test prototypes, the new model Mercedes S-Class will be slightly wider than it was in previous years. If we are to recall, the current cash register was introduced in 2014 and reached serious sales worldwide.

Mercedes is also trying to make the S-series vehicles the power transmission system. Engines with light hybrid or interlaced hybrid technology will have 3-liter inline-6 ​​or 4-liter V8 engines. It is not clear whether Mercedes is working on an electric sedan under the sub-brand EQ

When we look at the inside of the S series in the 2020, we see that Mercedes may be affected by Tesla. Speed ​​indicators are on the screen as in the last few years, and the console has a huge touch screen. This screen, positioned vertically instead of horizontal, is quite similar to the installation used by Tesla in Model S and Model X.


            BMW and Mercedes can combine forces to produce autonomous vehicles

The German company has not forgotten to innovate in its high-end car for autonomous driving. The 2020 S-Class, which comes with third-level autonomous driving support, promises that the driver can sit in the car without touching the steering wheel. Remarking, Audi had accomplished this with the new model of the A8

As we said at the beginning of the news, the vehicles are now prototyped and covered with camouflage. The real design is expected to come to light with the introduction at the Frankfurt Auto Show.