23 South Korean Crypto Stock Exits Only 12 Controls – The Community Supervisor Thinks It's Made From "Yalancık"

South Korea self-inspections of stock exchanges are completed. 23 From the stock market, 14 of them agreed to enter the inspection.

12 Stock Exchange Passed Note

Korea Blockchain Association ( KBA ) In addition to the above, Held a press conference on Wednesday to explain the results of the audit of the country's cryptographic currencies. According to the Korea Herald the Union reported that "12 crypto money exchanges have passed the safety standards of cyberspace."

The NWA has insisted on a serious sense of self-regulation since the last installment.

The local news source named Korea Herald quotes the following:

"The number of exchange-traded stock exchanges was 12 out of 14. These exchanges are as follows: Coinone, and Coinzest, Cpdax, Cooperz, Cobda, Neoframe, Bithumb, Upbit, Huobi Korea, Hanbitco, Okcoin Korea. The operators of the two other stockbrokers named Sunny7 and Komid were separated from the supervision under the leadership of the KBA. "

The audit was conducted" through interviews conducted by KBA-authorized third party experts in June and July. "

In spite of all these facts, the Union has made it clear that these 12 stocks meet "the minimum total asset count, the use of offline wallet, the prevention and regulation of money laundering and the general rule of thumb."

The Union is Criticized for Poor Control

After the press release of the KBA, some companies in the crypto money industry have reported that a number of audit teams

According to a report published by the Korea Times, the stock market is now "caught in the fire by the bad control of the crypto money exchanges". According to another piece of news reported, the union has extended the check-in period, which was originally a month and limited only to June, to two months and added the July period to create more time for the preparation of the stock exchanges caught unprepared.

The most crucial point in the news of Money Today's source is that:

"Despite the hacking incidents that have occurred in many crypto-currency exchanges very recently, all of the stock exchanges have suffered from cyber attacks Coinrail and Bithumb joined on behalf of hacked stock exchanges in the past month.

Coinrail, first attacked,

Nevertheless, the vast majority of the mainstream and crypto-currency-focused media, which have not heard anyone's name before, are ranked 90th in terms of trade volume South Korea began to accuse Coinrail, a crypto-currency exchange. [196] Almost a week after that, Bithumb, based in South Korea and ranked as the world's largest crypto money market, was hit by a $ 30 million attack and the market almost lost its balance. Bithumb emphasized that the financial losses experienced in the statement made would be compensated and that the users would not be left victimized, and relieved the market a bit. Otherwise, the attack on Bithumb could trigger a similar panic sale after the Coinrail attack.

 bithumb crypto para stock exchange

The same source of news is that a person from the industry has been told that "one can not pass all the stock markets to audit"

The Korea Times continues:

"KBA is not a member of the KBA,"

"The KBA continues to convey the fact that" the fact that the notes obtained from detailed examinations for each stock exchange are not shared with the public, did not share the detailed scoring or security ratio of each crypto money exchange and thereby shadowed the name of the audit.

In fact, the president of the union Jeon Ha-Jin confessed that direct supervision could be "some loopholes".

In addition, the President stated:

"This audit does not express the absolute security of the 12 bourses. The results show that the 12 stocks meet the minimum requirements for their services. It's like the same driver's license.

Is it going to be a new attack that will make this a 'liar' in the coming days?