25 Different Security Vulnerabilities Detected on Android 25 Device

Some applications that come installed on our smartphones cause sharing of our information with third parties. It is a pity to see that the producers who are responsible for taking security measures do not fight as hard as they can. Because, on 25 different Android devices, 38 different security incidents were discovered at the factory.

One of the biggest problems of the digital world is the lack of information flow. An objectionable application can transfer your phone book, your messaging, your mails, your identity information, your bank details, your photos to people you never know. Manufacturers who can not avoid the diversity of security vulnerabilities face a new threat every period.

There is a good reason why most of the exploits are confronted in the Android world. Android has the same infrastructure that can be customized by the manufacturer. Google is responsible for this core software. This is the most bleeding wounds of users. Why does not Google offer a standard package for all the manufacturers? The answer is simple: differentiation.

The most disturbing thing is that Android makers are not able to spot the security vulnerabilities before the devices are put on the market, as consumers are not so important from this point of view. I mean, it's open in a device that's not out of the box.

Researchers from Kryptowire have detected 38 factory-installed security vulnerabilities in the kernel software of 25 Android phones. According to ZDNet, the Asus among manufacturers of devices with this open, Essential (not sold in Turkey), LG, Nokia, Sony has said. For example, Asus ZenFone 3 Max has a factory-installed application that allows attackers to access system data over the Wi-Fi network.

The LG G6 has a security vulnerability that can lock the phone and force the user to reset the factory settings. The Nokia 6 and Sony Xperia L1 offer open doors that will allow attackers to record their screen images at all unclear. ZTE Zmax Pro allows the playback and editing of text messages.

Researchers, including Google, informed all producers about the issue. Many manufacturers have provided users with security updates. Google said the problems are not from Android, but from third-party product launches.

If you have one of these phones, go to Settings and check your system updates