25 Years Ago 'Leaning Zanzibar' Leaked Out!

In the mid-1990s, it was announced that the seed of the wild Zanzibar Leopard species in Tanzania was exhausted. The cat species that were massacred by the indigenous people reappeared and appeared for the first time after many years.

There are many reasons why a tidal line is depleted. Unfortunately, people are at the top of these reasons. Twenty-five years ago, the inhabitants of the island of Unguja in Tanzania's Zanzibar Archipelago killed the last member of a leopard species of that region. Because, according to local beliefs, this cat breed was thought to be a devil. Zanzibar Leopard was perceived as a threat to people's lives because of their appearance and aggression.

Wildlife adventurer and biologist Forrest Galante, who starred in an animated documentary series named Animal Planet, shot in front of a butcher's shop in Zanzibar. During those nights of shooting, he also set up special camera equipment. Later, perhaps he swore to watch his life as a reason to return to his country. He was a living Zanzibar leopard caught in his camera.

The issues concerning the detection of extinct life forms have been discussed again with these images. Is it necessary to see him in order to understand that a living thing has arrived? Experts base their Zanzibar leopard on the African leopard. At the end of the Ice Age, African leopard spread to many terrestrial areas.

Below you see a Zanzibar leopard displayed at the Museum of Natural History in the center of Zanzibar:

The history of Zanzibar changed with the 1964 revolution. This revolution saved the region from the pressure of the English. Later, it was understood that the locals described Zanzibar leopard as a demon. In just 30 years, most of the cats in the region were massacred.

There is no information on how the Zanzibar leopard in the images survived. Scientists continue their research on the region.