36c3: $ password = saveTheWorld – Sustainable or Die

After the contemplative, quiet days, we get loud again. With the ulterior motive and the motto from the title, it is for me as a representative of the movement "Developers for future"together with developers from the" Fridays For Future "environment and other activist groups to the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig. Because with this year's motto "Resource Exhaustion" and the explicit instructions to submit topics in the area of ​​sustainability, this year's Congress seems to be made for our movement. Under the motto "$ password = saveThePlanet – Sustainable or Die" we will meet on Sunday, December 29, 2019, in Leipzig city center.

Our author is a software developer employed by Mayflower and a trainer in workshops and speaker at conferences and meetups. Most recently, he co-initiated the "Developers For Future" movement.

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Even though the foundation of the "Developers For Future" can roughly be dated February / March 2019, the basic idea stems from a panel discussion in October 2018. The title at the time was "Your code is killing planet earth". The topic is now also a cornerstone of the "Developers For Future". It is by no means the case that we are completely innocent of climate change in IT. With the code that we write and the server farms that are required for our applications, we contribute around four percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Apart from a few graphics, there are few studies on this. We have tentatively set up a calculation on our websitewe after a Lecture by a "Scientist For Future" then had to increase to the aforementioned four percent in September 2019.

Now it would be easy to convert all servers and connected infrastructures to a 100% supply from renewable energies. What is missing is decisive action – not least from us developers. We have the reins in our hands because, as we now say "no" for certain projects and working conditions, we should also do it for projects that CO2– are questionable.

To do this, we need an open approach to the topic. Here is a reason for the existence of the "Developers For Future". Because not only the technical support of the climate movement is important, also your own colleagues want to be informed. It would be best if we could manage processes in software development with a CO2-Label, so that for information about the man-made climate crisis, such a form of visualization would finally reveal the possibility of a decision.

After attending a number of conferences last year to discuss our responsibility for the climate crisis with our colleagues, the Chaos Communication Congress (36c3 for short) is now to be the end of the year. Together with other activist groups and climate alliances, we are forming a cluster called "about: future". Especially with the developers of" Fridays For Future "we will form a strong core here that can be drawn upon as a contact person in relation to the climate movement. So come and talk to us. Let's exchange ideas. I'm happy to address and exchange ideas at our bases in the cluster.

Since it's not just about the pure presence on the 36c3, will be demonstrated on Sunday from 11 a.m. in Leipzig's city center at Willi-Brand-Platz (opposite the main train station), I should emphasize that this is not a competitive event for the 36c3. Rather, we would like to point out problems that the current digitalization roadmap will bring to us. We hope that visitors to the 36c3 will actively participate and we explicitly invite them to the demonstration.
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