3D Printers Can Completely Remove Spinal Cord Felcini

A study at the University of Minnesota using adult stem cells to extract functional spinal cord fragments from 3D printers.

Although almost every organ in the human body has vital functions, the spinal cord that governs all of our body systems is of utmost importance . The spinal cord, which acts as a central for each signal sent to move in our basic sense, can cause severe irreversible discomfort and paralysis in people with damage.


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No matter how advanced the treatment methods in today's medical technology, years of treatment for such injuries are needed. Sometimes even physiotherapy processes that are painful can be unfortunately indifferent.


It is not possible to talk about the fact that there has been significant improvement in the field of gene technology yet there is still activity at the top level.
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At the end of an experiment at the University of Minnesota; skeletal and neuronal stem cell designs that were perfectly designed with the help of adult stem cells taken from the skin and the canary were removed from the 3D printer. This successful experiment in the field of science and medicine can change the consequences of spinal cord injuries forever. With this part, the human body, which will create new nerves, can theoretically recover to its former health after the damage done.

Scientists who have achieved a 75% success rate so far; The cells printed by 3D succeeded in keeping the cells alive. It is possible to accomplish this theoretically, though the treatment has yet to go a long way in order to successfully achieve "full recovery". You can watch the illuminating video of the topic from the above link.