4.000 Google Staff Resigns From Military Drone Project

4000 Googlers worried about ethical values ​​expressed concern that the work co-operated with the Pentagon has left the project due to a terrific potential for conversion to sila.

Disagreements among Googlers who have been exposed to the first signals in the past days erupted as of today. According to a dozen Google employees,

As of today, 4,000 Googlers have announced that they have left their partnership, saying they do not want to be part of such a dangerous step, as Marven said in a jointly developed artificial intelligence program that would go beyond ethical values ​​and threaten humanity. Those who are not satisfied with it wrote a petition to prevent the company from becoming a front for such military work in the future.


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Basically, Project Maven relies on taking intelligent and functional decisions on its own, even taking advantage of the data obtained from drone shots of unmanned military vehicles. The system based on machine learning technology may have been designed to make military decisions on its own in the long run and take on the task of destroying its habitat or potential enemy camps.

The start of artificial intelligence-based wars, which seem to be a dystopian scenario for the development of such technology, it can be a reality. A scenario in which unmanned combat planes explore and destroy their habitat can lead to a terrible cycle in our bad hands. However, despite all these developments and the conscience of the people who quit the job, Google does not have a request to back it up. Indicating that this is an open source study, Google says it is natural for a military company to have such participation.


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To summarize, Google may not be backing up despite the intricacies that have arisen, but it may be one of the dangerous steps to do apocalyptic scenarios. We will not have to reconcile the first ring of the initial chain of potential bad events with this news in the future, and our fears about artificial intelligence remain only the scenarios of science fiction films.