5.463 Euro Billing Arrived to Passengers Using Internet on Board

You started a nice flight, watched your movie and you landed. A message containing the cost of your use of your phone came and writes 5.463 euros.

A small French-speaking blogger from Southern Belgium, a blogger, flown to Brussels from Brussels. During the journey, which lasted approximately 6 hours 30 minutes, the passenger using the wireless Internet received a warning message about his expenses when he finished his flight.


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The blogger who was astonished by the incoming message received the operator in the customer service, because the blogger who is the user of the most common operator in Belgium used the internet for his internet usage during the flight. The reason for this was that the internet connection on the plane was carried out via satellite.


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When the bill exceeds 60 euros, all expenses are automatically stopped and a warning message has been sent to the user. For the first time in their business life, the operator encountered this type of incident and said that they will discuss with the user in question and they will go to a solution to solve the situation.