5 Best Countries for Casual Games Announced

Tenjin research team analyzed game markets in countries and analyzed the results for everyday games. Advertising revenue, sales figures, the most appropriate five countries which lists the team for casual games based on the results obtained using the cost-per-install, gave to Turkey in the list. [19659002] Turkish in the so-called casual games "Hyper-casual" games, it represents games that use a simple, minimalist interface. Everyday games have some advantages over other games. Games that appeal to users from every country with their simple usage, can also catch popularity without providing any language support to countries.

In these games where ad-based monetization is adopted, the app owner is earning money when the players upload the app shown in the ad by clicking on the ad in the game. This model, called cost per upload, is abbreviated as CPI. CPI costs in everyday games are 10 times lower than in other games.


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Tenjin research team examined the market for everyday games aimed at reaching the widest audience with low cost and by using CPI values ​​as a result of the examination, it listed the 5 most suitable countries for daily game developers. Turkey also begins with a list that includes Brazil.

1. Brazil

In recent years, Brazil is one of the countries where the mobile gaming market is expanding despite high taxes and technology embargoes on smartphones. According to the survey, Brazil is the most active country in the world's daily gaming market. Although the smart phone industry in the country is experiencing slow growth, experts say that the number of smartphones used in the country within a few years is expected to exceed the country's population.

CPI value for casual games on Android platform in Brazil: 0.08 $
CPI value for everyday games on the iOS platform in Brazil: $ 0.11

In the short term, Brazil seems to be the best country to introduce everyday games, given the low cost.

2. Mexico

Mobile game developers in the US saw Canada and New Zealand as the most appropriate market, but in fact the main country to look at is Mexico. Mexico is the 11th most populous country in the world, and has a high percentage of smartphones at 45.6%. When the games preferred by smartphone users in Mexico are examined, mobile games are at the top with an amazing rate of 71%.

CPI value for casual games on Android platform in Mexico: 0.04 $
CPI for everyday games on the iOS platform in Mexico: $ 0.11

Mexico is on its way to becoming a mobile gaming market that game developers cannot ignore. There is no reason why Mexico should not be included in this list, given the low average cost.

3. Turkey

which analyzes the game in our country, according to results published by the market research team mobile games market in Turkey, smaller than in other countries in the list. Our country, where mobile game market share is explained as 45%, is introduced as a cost-effective country for mobile game developers.

CPU value for casual games on the Android platform in Turkey: $ 0.05
CPU value for casual games on the iOS platform in Turkey: $ 0.10

While the ratio of smart phones in our country is 37.9%; Games in Turkey who choose to watch ads instead of paying the purchase money is said to be a player profile. The game development costs are also low in our country, which is stated to be suitable for testing money making in daily games.


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4. India

India is arguably one of the world's largest mobile game development centers. The number of players in India is quite high in proportion to the population. In the country, where the total game population is expected to reach 628 million players, there are low costs below this great development.

CPI value for casual games on Android platform in India: $ 0.08
CPI value for casual games on iOS platform in India: $ 0.11

Low costs in the country with a high mobile gaming population make India a great market for casual game developers.

5. Argentina

Considering the game market data, Argentina is ranked 25th in the world. On the front of the smartphone, the country has a large number of players, and the mobile gaming market is ranked 19th.

CPI value for casual games on Android platform in Argentina: $ 0.03
CPI for everyday games on the iOS platform in Argentina: $ 0.11

Given the low CPI costs and the fact that 87% of the players are mobile players, Argentina is one of the most suitable markets for casual games.

Analyzing the entire analysis shows that casual games have a global audience, not on a country basis. Colombia, which is not included in the list, has lower costs than the countries on the list, but it is not on the list because it is not favorable.


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