5 Different Paths to Evaluate Old iPhones

If you do not know what to do with your old Apple devices, or if they are standing at one side, we list 5 different recommendations that will be right for you.

Because smart devices are moving at incredible speed, a new phone is immediately coming to the top model market. Sometimes when we do not stop ourselves and sometimes when we get the new device we really need, we throw the old one on the edge. What can we do with the iPhone we do not use anymore?


We have compiled five different suggestions for old devices that you can use.
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1. Sell

This method, which will be used to meet some of the money required for the new device, is quite logical. Though not used for the new phone, the money is always needed. If you sell to someone in your immediate vicinity, you can both earn money from a reliable source and easily reach it if there is a problem. This benefit, which benefits both sides, can be much more reasonable than selling it far below value

2. Using as a spare device

If you have a problem with your new device and you can not reach the Apple Store for a while, or your new device becomes irreparable, it can be pretty annoying not to reach the latest backup. However, thanks to your old device located under your hand, you can easily reach your backups.

3. Jailbreak

With Jailbreak, which is similar to Root access on Android phones, you can add interesting features to your phone.


If your device is not new and you can use Jailbreak, you can even try to download Android.
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4. Installing New Hardware

You can use the device by turning it into hidden camera with applications like Salient Eye, Presence and Manything. The security camera will do its job well on vehicles, even at home or on your pet. It also makes sense to use it as an iPod or GPS to save the charge.

5. Making Artistic Works

If you have other Apple devices standing around, you can talk about your creativity by bringing them together. Everything is left to your imagination.