5 Expected Features in OxygenOS

It is impossible to ignore some of the ideas presented to OnePlus, asking the users of their ideas to determine the features of OxygenOS. There are really good ideas

The OnePlus Product Manager Challenge, which started about two weeks ago, will continue until February 22nd. It is possible to send the desired features to the company by joining this challenge

. It will not be difficult to integrate these features into an operating system and ensure that it runs smoothly.


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There are many ideas put forward for this challenge on the OnePlus forum. Some of the most admired ideas are:

Screen Saving

The screen recording feature requested on two separate shipments is one of the leading features of OxygenOS. From someone who shows how to position someone who doesn't have much to do with technology, many people, including those who broadcast mobile games on YouTube, can take advantage of it. With this feature you will be able to select the resolution of videos, the type of video that is emerging (such as .GIF, .MP4). The sample screenshot on one of the posts is shown above.

Message Timer

The name of this feature also outlines the feature. The feature that lets you send messages at a specific time you want is already in some third-party applications. One of the requests is to make this process directly via the OxygenOS operating system. This is a feature that is not very difficult to do but can be useful.


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USB Webcam

Thanks to applications like Droidcam, it is possible to use your mobile phone as a Webcam. These applications are sometimes slow and slow. A user has requested that the USB Webcam feature be on OxygenOS itself. It will be a very useful feature for those who will use it, although it is not necessary for everyone.

OnePlus Teleport

This feature is also in a highly noticeable post. OnePlus Teleport is an idea for those who want to go from A to B instantly. Just like the Nova launcher, OxygenOS is also asked to launch certain applications with gestures and gestures.

Night Mode

Night mode has almost become a feature even in calculator applications. The main reason for this is that people seem to be disturbed by very bright lights. Wherever possible, people use dark mode or night mode. There is also a night mode available from OnePlus.

If you want to take part in this challenge, you can send your ideas here.