5 factors you need to know before you get crypto money

Which parts of the white paper of the crypto money project do you need to check before investing in crypto money?
filtering unreliable projects,
Some important parts of white paper you should take a closer look at.

The technology of the crypto money project

The most important thing is that for the real and current problem of the project
(technical) solution. A new technology or existing technology
promising a better implementation is not always sufficient. Because the project,
it should contain consistent information to address the issue of interest. If white
If the paper does not contain consistent information, the project fails or
It is likely to be designed to collect money. This is usually validation
is the most difficult issue. To give you a hint to understand this; What the project is really about
note the common terms used to confuse you.

Teams, Consultants and Partnerships

The people behind the project should be easy to verify.
Linkedin accounts, online profiles, company profiles, where you find
addresses, consultants, partnerships, etc. Check. Clearly involved in the project
Feel free to ask if they are available. Fitrova, one of the fraudulent projects,
praised about major partnerships, but these partners control
They didn't even know the CEO. It is also a scam
Declouds, the alleged partnership with a bank, the bank itself
wanted to prove by taking pictures of the board members. However, ICO
Some people who intend to join, some pictures from the Australian School Board website
has been stolen just in time. Therefore, the
always double-check the information given to you about people and

Roadmap of the crypto money project

Technical development always takes longer than promised,
however, the roadmap will tell you whether they are realistic about the destination.
gives an idea. The roadmap says that a home network will be published within a few months
it would be great, but if you are trying to make a quick money
(If ICO / STO / IEO does not start the development path)

Token allocation and price

is the amount of token. This is a difficult factor, but it is realistic about the project
an idea that they are not or want to make a lot of money.
It can give. Total token supply and pricing at a very high market value
you should suspect their intentions. Other to look for
things: Will tokens be locked for team members? Unsold tokens
Will they burn? Can they issue extra tokens if they want? Normally, investors
The best token allocation for the project is the low token supply projects. Therefore, ICO
you'll receive a larger slice of cake when you join, but this

Other factors

There are many things to consider. You should also be sure to verify the information on the websites and social media. Do they look real or just use blank words, fake references, and social media bots? Crypto money wallets can have a user-friendly interface in the first view. However, you should make sure that there are no images played from another project. Also, check that they do not use suspicious statements, such as stating that they are SEC-compliant or listed securely on major exchanges. Or pay attention to any discourse stating that their products are available in any store or bank. Pay attention to the Ponzi schemes, such as Bitconnect, which promise that coin holders will earn returns. Sometimes they inflate their projects with large whales that have already invested. Always check the affiliate addresses and try to follow these big whales. Make sure the team is not trying to fake investors.


Finally, after reading white paper, the aim of the project
you need to think. The first of many projects that turned out to be a scam
glance is a legible white paper. However, in the document,
how to build and plan to succeed
After reviewing, it may become possible to identify deficits of investors.
Of course, there are many factors that can conclude that the project is a scam,
however, searching for white paper will allow you to verify the project yourself.

The SEC has also created a great website that warns people about risky ICOs and fraud, and has also added a white paper about the counterfeit project, which you can see on the site where they have prepared many points.

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