5 Features That Youtube Music Needs To Improve

Youtube Music says that they are doing innovations based on the feedback they have received since its release, or that they are making preparations to do so.

Although Youtube Music wants to gain an important place in the sector, there is not much to offer at the moment compared to other apps. Therefore, it is unlikely to increase the number of users without improving something.

Peki Youtube Music, in which areas should you improve yourself? Let me examine it together:

1. Mobile and web applications are simply too simple

This simplicity is inadequate for more serious music enthusiasts, even if it can only work for those who say "I am a music lover". Something has to be done in this regard, as it is usually the second group to pay for the practice. There is not much that can be done back after making a search and a playlist. In this regard, the application is just like free Youtube use.

2. Music quality is not standard

One of the strongest areas of Youtube Music is also one of its biggest weaknesses. For some songs you can see audio recordings or cover videos, concert videos and picture clips. However, it is not possible to prepare a consistent playlist in terms of both sound level, recording quality and bitrate. Youtube is trying to make a library of sound recordings in this matter


In Youtube Music, even if you do not know the name of the songs, there is a feature like reaching the songs. For example, "Justin Timberlake's new song 2018" can be written directly on his new song, not on other music platforms. But apart from searching for songs, artists and albums, we do not have the chance to narrow down calls with features like genre, year. For this reason, a study is expected to be done in this regard.

4. The playlists section is extremely complicated.

All the playlists you have in practice appear to be displayed on the normal Youtube platform, and there is not much change in that. For example, when you mix your summer day mixes with your favorite cat videos playlists, it's complicated. So it seems like a grouping of playlists is essential.


Youtube Music's proposal feature does not offer much new stuff. Compared to the daily and weekly playlists provided by Spotify, Youtube Music's "Your Mixtape" playlist is not in the desired level yet. Still, this feature is expected to improve over time.