5 Interesting Things Sold on Internet for Bedoli Military Service

5 things that are sold to meet the price of 15,000 TL, military service fee

As you know, one of the most important agenda items of our country is the issue of "Billiard Military Service" which is closely related to hundreds of thousands of young people. The new regulation, starting from the base of December 1993, which will enable the older people to be able to do military service as well, is of course demanding a fee from the candidates of the bed.


            Turkey's agenda in the fall of Military Other Countries Have Paid?

As you know the fee is 15.000 TL. Many young people who want to meet this wage, which is a huge sum for many people, prefer to sell their personal assets through loans. As a result, our country's online commerce sites are faced with a higher traffic than ever before. Such intense traffic, of course, brings out quite interesting images when it is combined with the practical intelligence of the Turkish people.

The interdisciplinary product that has been released into the sale to cover the cost of military service,