5 Policy Strategies of Chimpanzees to Stolen People

The chimpanzee, the closest species to humanity, with its genetic characteristics and social life, is a surprisingly successful strategy for policy.

When scientific data are examined, it is a proven fact that the creature closest to human intelligence and social structure among the wild living creatures is chimpanzees . These intelligent creatures, just like humans, are a social creature, possessing behavior that can be an example to human beings in spite of its primitive structures. There are 5 political recommendations we should take as examples from chimpanzee social life rules.

Keep Your Friends Close; Keep your enemies closer

Chimp's group life is made up of ever-changing leaders. If the goal is to reach the top and have a word, you should ally with the enemy even when it comes to your place.

Being a Leader in Fear is Better to Be a Loved Leader

If you are a fearful leader, you will become your enemy, your enemies, who want to take you down. When the life of the chimpanzees is examined, the leader who comes with power and keeps his leadership by releasing fear becomes the focal point of the attacks which he has fallen hard. But if the leader is leading the clown's love and support instead of fear, this transition will be much smoother. Alpha chimpanzees spend a longer life at the beginning of a crawl than a hard lid.


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It is important to get number coping by taking a weak person in the Alliance.

Alliance with the strongest member of the crawl of the future will not benefit you if your aim is leadership. A strong alliance will require a lot from you after you have achieved your purpose. However, if you agree with a weak one, the claim of your alliances will be more modest at the moment of victory, as you have a number superiority.

It is good to be a loved leader but you must feed your supporters too

Smart alpha chimpanzees can achieve leadership over 12 years by developing a kind of tax system in themselves. This system is based on the assumption that you will confiscate the products of those who are not supporters and share it with your supporters. It is possible to consider this as a system of bribery.

External Threats Can Increase Support

Just like in humans, in chimpanzees, the danger of the leader increases even more. When a threat to the chimpanzee's ride occurs, this threat increases the love and respect that lidere allows, as it allows the thrill to act like a whole. Disagreements within the group are lifted due to vital threats and new supporters are won.