5 students from Turkey will be sent to the applicant in Figure Devcon4 Free Event Last Hours

30 October – 2, which will be held between November 5 students with the support of Devcon4 event volunteers and sponsors will be sent to be met at all costs. [19659002] This year 5 from Turkey to Devcon4 event which will be held the 4th students will be sent as sponsored.

– To be over 18 years old
– To be a university student (Graduate and Ph.D. students studying without paying fees will be accepted as well)
– No obstacle on the way out of the country . (Please check the link below.)
– Interest in Blokzinciri
– To have sufficient English level

] What do you have to do if you meet these requirements:
– First you can be sure that it will be a transparent evaluation process.
– Fill in the following form with complete and careful attention
– Prepare a video of up to 3 minutes in Turkish with the basic features below and send it to any place and share it with # YoungTurksAtDevCon4 from twitter (19459004) -Special self-introduction
-To talk about the purpose of the invitation
– Describe your projects if they are of the nature
-What do you promise to the blockchain ecosystem on the turn of action , what are you planning to do
– pre-register this link as if you were going to be active. To prove that you are a student there is a benefit of registering with the student and adding a student certificate.
– All you need to do.

@MertSurf @ SafKay1

Assessment process:
– Applicants will be graded by the 7-member Jury members. (Jury: Mert Susur, Devrim Danyal, Sima Baktaş, Büşra Yuksel Ozcan, Altuğ Öztürk, Ali Sermet Taşdenek, Ali Erciyas)
– Online interview will be made with the friends who pass the first stage.

Note: Information you share will never be used outside of the activity and all financial expenses will be reported in the activity process.

You can click here to apply.