5 Things That We Will See in the Future That New iPhones Will Introduce

Apple, the first company to reach $ 1 trillion last month, will launch a launch on September 12th to introduce new iPhone models. Firmman expects to offer 3 new smartphones apart from the iPhone, AirPods, and important software updates for both phones and computers.

Apple will be at the Steve Jobs Hall in the center of the new office, which opened last year, after a full year of searching for new iPhone models.

In addition, the smart clock, a new generation of wireless headsets and software updates that work on a company's headset will also be available in conjunction with this event. he will face you. Now we look closely at all of them.

1. Three new iPhone:

Over the last 6 months, news has been circulating that Apple will introduce three iPhone models at the same time. The first two of these will be called iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XI (or iPhone 9), respectively, and will be the upgraded version of iPhone X introduced last year. Also, the name of the so-called iPhone Xl (11) is not 100% clear, but it is cheaper than the other two because it has a single camera and LCD screen. The other two models will have an OLED display and an enhanced dual camera.

The new iPhone models that we did not expect to see significant differences in terms of design change will be like the S plug-in models that Apple's devices have renewed in terms of performance. One year after the introduction of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were introduced. The designs were fixed, and the processing power of the devices was increased.


            Both the names and the prices of the new iPhones have been announced

2. Apple Watch Series 4:

In the past year, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 3 along with the iPhone X. This watch had the technology to connect to the cellular phone externally, that is to say, if you do not have a phone, you can reach it and answer it on the phone. This time, Apple will also enlarge its screen, which has not grown since 2015.

The leaked images of the Apple Watch Series 4 show that Apple is designing a watch with a slimmer body than its predecessors. The SaaS operating system will be the watchOS 5 introduced at WWDC 18 this year.


            Content will Appear in New Apple Watch That Has a Bigger Screen

3. New AirPower, AirPods and other accessories:

Later entering the wireless charging technology than we expected, Apple will face the new wireless charging station AirPower. At the same time, one or two phones, the Apple Watch and the device on which we expect to charge the AirPods, may have speed improvements.

AirPods are two years old. With a new set of AirPods, Apple can offer more than we can predict. And wireless charging support is one of them.


In addition,
            Apple is working on AirPods that will almost check-in from your ear!

The 5W USB charger, standard on Apple's iPhone boxes, will now replace its place with a 19W USB-C quick charger. The standard Lightning input is expected to be used.

4. iOS 12, deferred MacOS Mojave and major software updates:

Apple has not introduced the MacOS Mojave version at WWDC 18. Software that is not normally advertised on iPhone launches will be available for the first time this year. We will also learn about the upcoming update dates for iOS 12, tvOS, watchOS and MacOS.

iOS 12 may be an important update to speed up old iPhone models. Because Apple signed the biggest scandal of its history during the year, slowing down old models, and thus preventing battery-related problems. The firm can offer a software solution to this job.


            Apple Introduces iOS 12 to iPhone Users

5. The real bomb: Unframed iPad Pro or the new MacBook Air?

Apple's last-minute surprises in these events, which were held in September, have always been very talked about. If the company did not come up with an iPad Pro model during the year, it would have anticipated everything. Since the iPhone X last year, it's been a bare-bones iPad Pro with a notched screen.


            2018 Model iPad Pro Launches Design to Discuss Discussions

It may also come with the MacBook Air and Mac Mini, which does not update the computer series. Tim Cook's out on the scene, we'll be on track to transfer all the details to you from the AnBean. Set up your alarms on the evening of September 12 to avoid the details. We are here, we wait:)