5G: European network operators continue to rely on Huawei

The Chinese equipment supplier Huawei has signed contracts with 91 network operators worldwide for the development of 5G mobile radio networks. This was announced by Huawei manager Ryan Ding at a group event in London. Huawei has concluded 47 of the contracts with European mobile operators, 27 contracts with providers in Asia.

The U.S. government has been trying for months to block Huawei's involvement in building 5G networks outside of China. The central allegation is that Huawei is closely linked to the Chinese government and the Communist Party and, if in doubt, will implement instructions from the Chinese leadership. US intelligence agencies recently accused Huawei of being able to secretly access networks via the interfaces provided for security agencies. Huawei rejects these allegations.

Recently, even close allies such as Great Britain had refrained from fundamentally excluding Huawei from the award of 5G contracts. The government of Boris Johnson only stipulated that providers that are considered "risky" must not be used in core networks and in the vicinity of important facilities such as airports or nuclear power plants – and can supply a maximum of a third of the infrastructure.

In his statements, Huawei manager Ding made no distinction between core network supply and systems in the area. In this context, experts also point out that it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between the core network and the periphery, because with the trend of so-called edge computing, more and more data processing is taking place in the peripheral areas of the networks. Thanks to its extremely fast response time, 5G should enable communication in real time.

Huawei's customers in Europe include the Spanish Telef├│nica Group, which is present in Germany with the O2 brand. In addition, Sunrise in Switzerland and KPN in the Netherlands had communicated with Huawei on 5G. Germany has also been discussing for months whether Huawei should be excluded from 5G expansion. Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom have also installed Huawei technology in their 4G networks, but also use systems from Huawei's competitors Nokia and Ericsson.

Huawei manager Ding described his company as a technology leader in London. Competitors lag behind Huawei here. However, Ericsson and Nokia officials have questioned this claim in the past few months, referring to important 5G patents held by Europeans.

Ding emphasized that 5G offers providers the opportunity to say goodbye to the pure price war that has so far dominated the competition of 4G. "With 5G, providers can differentiate themselves with new functions." He referred innovations such as mobile virtual reality applications or the prospect of video on demand services in the highest resolution (UHD).


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