5G: United Internet and Drillisch with first costs for 5G network

United Internet continues to drive the plans of its subsidiary 1 & 1 Drillisch for its own mobile network and reduces the outlook for the year as a whole. Turnover would only increase by two percent in 2019, previously United Internet had expected around four percent, the company announced on August 15, 2019 known,

Job market

  1. Diehl Informatik GmbH, Nuremberg
  2. Dataport, Altenholz, Kiel

1 & 1 Drillisch had bought frequency blocks for 1.07 billion euros at the Federal Network Agency's 5G frequency auction. Drillisch received 2 x 20 MHz at 2 GHz and 50 MHz in the 3.6 GHz range. Of this, 700 million euros will be due in September, the outstanding amount is due to pay by 2024. For the further planning and preparation of the 5G network construction one expects with 1 & 1 Drillisch in this year with expenditure in the amount of 5 million euro.

The Ebitda, the profit excluding interest, taxes, depreciation and other financing expenses will increase instead of 12 percent, only 11 percent.

Reason is higher network charges and expenses for the new 5G mobile radio standard. In the first half of the year, United Internet increased its revenue by around 1 percent to 2.6 billion euros.