6.1 Inch iPhone Models to Have Thin Frames

The iPhone is expected to introduce 3 new models this year.

There are many speculations for the new iPhone models, which are anticipated with much anticipation. The new 6.1-inch iPhone, which is expected to be more affordable than other models, will have thin frames.

Despite good news on the phone, it is also being said that the supplier has some problems with the LCD, though the device is expected to be relatively affordable. According to the idea, it is very difficult to introduce this model before November. According to important sources, these LCD screens are produced by Japan Display.


            6.1 inch iPhone Models will have 5 different color options (Claim)

Japan Display said it would use Full Active technology, which allows the bottom of the phone to be 0.5 millimeters. The two other models allegedly being developed are expected to be available in September, but this version will be available for sale later. Also, in the LCD screen model, 3D touch and dual camera will have Face ID feature even though it is not expected.