$ 6.3 Million Betting: Bitcoin, Buffett's Company Feels Like

The CEO of the William Hill Australia company Tom Waterhouse, In a statement he made from Twitter, an unnamed investor said he was making an interesting bet. According to this, the bookie hiding like the name secret;

5 Year Maturity: Potential Earnings 1.2 Billion Dollars

The figure that the bettor has set for this incident is 8.5 million Australian

Interestingly, the interesting part of Berkshire Hathaway's book in which the bettor stated that Bitcoin would pass, is reported to be $ 6,300 million ($ 6.3 million) if the winner earns 1.2 billion dollars. It's trading at $ 280,000 . Some of the names claiming that the betting person could be Tim Draper or John Mc Afee while the bet was already made by some who became a big curiosity. As it is known, Tim Draper stated that Bitcoin would be $ 250,000 in 2022; McAfee stated that in 2020 Bitcoin would cut off his sexual organs if he did not have $ 1 million.

Big investor Berkshire president Berkshire, who was Warren Buffett's company Buffett and his assistant Charlie Munger, Bitcoin with the negative comments they made about it. Buffett, for example, criticized Bitcoin in a statement he made in May

"There is not much value for a product like Bitcoin.

 Warren Buffet Bitcoin

It is certain that there will be many speculations to decipher the identity of this bettor, but indeed, after 5 years, this bet is indeed justified.