6 New Fragments That You Must Watch

In the second week of 2019, a small number of fragments were unfortunately published. Welcome to our news that this year will be released and compiled 6 new trailers published this week. Let's take a look at these exciting fragments together

Since we are early in the year, few fragments are shared, but soon these numbers are expected to rise. Although it is not expected to break the box office, this week, 6 new trailers were published. In addition to the films to be released in the halls, there will be a new trailer from Captain Marvel in the list which will host 3 Netflix productions. Here are the fragments of this week:

1. Captain Marvel

Marvel released two separate television commercials in the past two weeks, and this week released another TV show. The trailer, which was released on Monday, includes previously unshare images. The film will be released on March 8, 2019.

2. Hotel Mumbai

In the drama-type film about hotel staff and guests in the terror attack suffered by the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, names like Armie Hammer, Jason Isaacs and Dev Patel are cast. Hotel Mumbai will be released on March 22.

3. IOM

IO will meet the audience on January 18th, this week is one of the Netflix productions. Starring Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley, the film tells of the struggle of survivors of a future catastrophe on Earth.

4. Small

The opposite of Big, which was released many years ago, tells the story of a young woman's return to her youth and what has happened to her. The film, starring Regina Hall and Marsai Martin, will meet the audience on April 12.

5. Polar

Polar, the 2nd Netflix production of our list, tells the story of an assassin who has to retire. The film, starring Mads Mikkelsen, will be released on Netflix on January 25.

6. Velvet Buzzsaw

The last trailer of our list, again a Netflix production. This production, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, John Malkovich, Rene Russo and Tony Collette, is a horror film about the paintings.

If you haven't watched the trailers released last week, you can find these fragments in our article below.


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We've come to the end of this week's news that lists weekly trailers. If you don't want to miss movies and newly released trailers, stay on track because we'll continue to share new productions with you in the coming weeks.

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