6 Science Fiction Films in Netflix to Watch

You should certainly include some science fiction movies in your life without much love. Here are 6 science fiction movies that you absolutely must watch.

Astronomers think there are more than 40 billion planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. Netflix also adds new films to its expansive science fiction archive every month to honor its colleagues. Top 6 science fiction films you absolutely must follow through Netflix:


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Psychokinesis (2018)

If you think of the movie Asian cinema comes to mind, the movie is good. The film Psychokinesis, known for its best live action character developed by Korean animator Yeon Sang-ho, tells Shin, the alcoholic security officer, to gain telekinetic powers.

April and The Extraordinary World (2015)

A French-Belgian animated thriller based on the novelist novelist Jacques Tardi. Filmin head starts with a genetic research. The world scientists are dealing with a conspiracy. If you like animated thrillers, this movie is for you.

Circle (2015)

The film tells the greatest Survival game of all time, without telling anything and giving a clue. Every minute a participant decides who will sacrifice in the 50-person vote. This production, a sociological experiment, will surely impress psychologists.

Cube (1997)

If we do not include the productions before the Millennium in our list. Vincenzo Natali, who directed Splice and Westworld, is sitting in this Filmin director's seat, which is about helpless people trapped in a high-tech 'thing.' This film, a science fiction experiment, tells the group that they are rubbing and solving problems, leaving behind a large number of trappers.

Metropolis (1927)

Did someone say before the Millennium? This film was shot in the 20's. A robot that gradually drifts to death brings out Fritz Lang's sense of justice. In fact, you can watch the movie, a silent production, with Freddy Mercury's 1984 music.

Cloud Atlas (2012)

This year, despite the fact that he has not received any Oscar awards and has spent $ 100 million, his barely outsourced box office performance is making a quality for fans of awakening movies like V for Vendetta, Matrix. Adapted from David Mitchell's novel, the film brings together six stories from six different time periods from the 1840s to the 2300s, with a post-apocalyptic future that society returns to its prehistoric life.