7 Important Features of Our Language

Our language is one of the organs we use the most during the day, although it is not noticed much. This important organ, consisting of muscles, allows us to enjoy those wonderful flavors. So, what features does this different organ have? Let’s take a look together.

Although we think that we know the organs in our body closely, we still do not know exactly what function our organ has. for example our languagehas a lot of functions organ Besides, it is an organ that is not exactly known for which features it has. our body the most flexible Our tongue, which is one of its organs, has some features that surprise us all.

Today you Bright side We will share some interesting facts about our language, which is one of the organs we use the most on a normal day. You can test this information yourself. If you’re ready, let’s start:

Interesting features of our language that are not known much

Every language is different like a fingerprint

It is a known fact that every person’s fingerprint differs. Even smart phones finger print confirms using. So do you know that our language is different for everyone, just like fingerprints? It may not be nice, but we may see smartphones with language verification systems instead of fingerprints in the future.

The tongue never gets tired, unlike other muscles

Just like the muscles in our feet or arms, our tongue from muscle structure It occurs. Well, while our arm may get tired after a while, our tongue will never that fatigue did you notice Our tongue, which we can move in many directions like an octopus, consists of 8 muscles. This makes it easier for us to move flexibly inside our mouth and send the food we receive to the esophagus. Moreover, it does not show any signs of fatigue while doing this.

Like other muscles, your tongue may become fat

Our tongue may not get tired, but fat to continues. Languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat gain weight just like other muscles when you gain weight, snoring and sleep problems is also among the reasons.

Your tongue doesn’t feel different flavors in different areas

This is perhaps the biggest known urban legend about languages. This information, which emerged as a result of the misinterpretation of the work done by German scientist David Hanig who presented his doctoral thesis in 1901, is not exactly correct. In fact, Hanig explained that flavors are felt at different intensities on any side of the tongue. So our language every region it can take both bitter, sweet and sour flavors, only in different densities felt. The reason for this is shown as the determination of bad or poisonous food before eating.

You can’t just taste something using your tongue

Actually, language flavors, not flavor Definitions. So you can understand with your tongue that something you eat is sweet, but without your sense of smell, you cannot understand what kind of dessert it is. We experience this situation especially in diseases such as influenza where our nose is blocked. This is due to the fact that when we get sick, our appetite ceases and we cannot get flavor from food.


A New Organ Was Found Under Our Skin That Lets Us Feel Pain

The tongue is the fastest healing part of the body

How many times have you bit your tongue throughout your life? Usually your language When you bite He feels pain for 1-2 minutes afterwards have forgotten You are. The reason for this is that the tissue of the tongue is the fastest healing part of the human body with the effect of saliva.

You can learn your discomfort according to the color of your tongue.


10 vestigial organs and muscles in the human body

Language in your body health problem It can also show you whether you are alive or not. If your tongue is light pink, you are probably healthy, but if it has a different color, there may be some discomfort. For example, if your tongue is very red from infection to heart problem If your tongue is yellow while you may have many ailments stomach and liver you may have problems. If your tongue is white dehydration points to your problem. You can also guess whether you are sick by checking the color of your tongue and your body.

We shared some important information about the language, which is very important, like all organs of the human body. Well, did you like this information? Would you like such articles to come more often? You can send your thoughts to us in the comments section.

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