7 Interesting Factors That Advantage Your Prison Life

A British and American based study found that people living in imprisonment had a more comfortable and secure life than a standard person. Here are the advantages that the prisons provided with 7 articles.

Crime; it is certainly one of the worst cases that no one should infect, which is harmful to other people. Since the establishment of the civilizations, the world has proposed a system called "justice" which advocates the removal of people who have been sucked for some time or "forever" from society. This argument, based entirely on justified causes, can sometimes turn out to be almost worthless for some criminals. In this post we will compare an average person with a mediocre view to a person who has been sentenced to prison life in countries such as America or England.


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7. They spend more time in a garden than a standard child

While this situation is somewhat different for our country, on a global scale, according to official laws, a prisoner spends at least 1 hour a day in the garden. Moreover, in some of America's prisons this can take up to 3 hours. When the habits of societies such as America and England are examined, today's children spend less than 20-30 minutes in the garden or on the street. To sum up, a prisoner sees the sky longer than a standard child.

6. Kimi Prison Foods Higher Quality than School Meals

According to Good Magazine research, prison meals are much more nutritious and healthier than the average high school cafeteria's meals. Moreover, if you do not want to pay an extra fee for food taken in school cafeterias or food shops, you have to renounce from fruits or vegetables. In prisons, food has to have a certain standard due to a legal approach

5. Nursing Home vs Prison?

According to a survey conducted in the UK, today's conditions do not even pass the standard services provided by nursing home prisons. An elderly prisoner receives all necessary care and services free of charge in prisons, which are legally obligatory, from elderly prisoners to elderly prisoners, even if they are not in nursing homes.

4.Health Services

While it is quite tragic compared to life outside, when looking at health services in general, prisons provide many health care services free of charge because they are obliged to keep prisoners alive and take care of them. An African Correspondent named Thabang Makwetla, who has been sentenced to a misunderstanding in the past few years, realized how interesting the experience he had lived at the time, although he thought it was scary. Every 5 out of every 1 in the prison of an HIV-positive country has a much better health service than outside. The reporter noted that a large proportion of the prisoners were healthy, and that depends on the high cost of health care for the prisons and the fees paid to the doctors. Moreover, the interesting thing is that it happens not only in Afika but also in the world countries like America.

3. Better Education?

Over 2,500 prisoners received a free, highly qualified and quality college education free of charge under a campaign in the United States. The main objective is to raise people's conscience and crime for ignorance, which is based on increasing conscience and knowledge culture. Thanks to this system, many prisoners have received an education free of charge for the people outside by paying 50 thousand dollars. Moreover, 43% of the inmates who were educated succeeded in collecting

2. Being Unhappy, Being Sentenced?

Though a homeless man in England is spreading like a legend of a city that he is begging to be sent to prison, if you look at it, the news reflects one truth. He is a homeless man who can not keep up with his life on the street; a delinquent crime is deliberately committed because of factors such as 3 meals a day the prisoner provides, health services, a roof to protect from cold. Jamaine Makepeace, another criminal who could not find a place for himself in the cold winter, was waiting to be arrested in order to be sent to prison by simply laying off the office of the district officer to be imprisoned.

1. Investment Made Even in Prison in America, More from Educational Investments

The outcome of a rather strange outlook is that spending for prisoners in America is almost three times the cost of a standard child's college. The US government's spending on the care of a prisoner is equivalent to sending a middle-school college for 7 students a year


The loss of a person's freedom can not be compared with any material value, although it seems to have advantages on paper. In Europe and America, whatever superiority in services is, it is at the beginning of the most painful experience a person will have to experience by living in prison.