7 More Interesting Facts About Coca-Cola

7 interesting information about Coca-Cola which is the biggest beverage brand in the world and which is called coca-cola, which is the life of the world.

Coca-Cola, which is the answer that most people will give when asked about a brand that affects the whole world, Cola has many interesting stories in its long history and in the future. In this article, we focus on the giant brand. There are 7 interesting information about Coca-Cola that you do not know about.


            Coca-Cola's Price Will Increase Now Because of Donald Trump

Coca-Cola was designed as a kind of tranquilizer when first produced

According to the Coca-Cola commercial image of 1886, the company saw the drink as a kind of calming tonic in the first place

Cocaine (Drug) was found in Coca-Cola until 1903

In his early years, Coca-Cola, with 9 milligrams of cocaine per bottle in its formula, became the drug of choice in 1903, with the product becoming widespread.

Although Coca-Cola is Common in the World, There Are 2 Countries That Are Not Within Their Limits

North Korea and Cuba, renowned for their outskirts, refuse to let Coca-Cola from the country's borders

Coca-Cola's Product Variety More Than You Think

When different product categories are included, Coca-Cola has 500 brands and 3500 types of beverages

Coca-Cola Leaves Pepsi Left Zero

Coca-Cola, with an annual average gain of $ 84 billion, is almost as profitable as the total income of Pepsi, Subway and KFC.

Coca-Cola has the title "First Out of Beverage"

Calendars When 1985 was shown, Coca-Cola found itself in the Challenger space shuttle, and was presented to the crew with a special design.

He took his place in history as the first soft drink that went long after this incident.

Ideal Coca-Cola Heat Recommended by the Company

According to Coca-Cola, the ideal cold is recommended between 1 and 3 degrees.