7 New Languages ​​Added to Samsung Kids App

Samsung has a new mobile app that offers kids exclusive content Samsung Kids has received a new update with many new additions.

Samsung Kids is a subscription-based application that includes children's play and a variety of content. Up to the last update, the application is suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 8, now the contents will appeal up to the age of 12 to accommodate.

Now, users have the support of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish languages ​​besides English in the application, as the application has only English support since its availability. It is expected that many more languages ​​will be added to these new language options that come with the latest version in the coming period.

In practice there are many different games for children to teach in the field of mathematics, reading and science. Through puzzles, basic information such as the functions of the organs and the different parts of the body, fractions, four operations are told to the children. In addition to these educational games, many children's books, TV shows and videos are not yet available in our country, but Samsung Kids is likely to be available soon in new countries as well as positive comments from the application


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Samsung Kids is included on some of the company's tablets, but users with the appropriate device can also access the app from the Play Store or Galaxy Apps.