7 Tips to Make Opera More Convenient

Opera is one of the most preferred browsers after Chrome, with both speed, VPN and AdBlocker. We've also gathered some of the useful features of Opera that you didn't know about before.

Opera is one of the rare browsers that can survive in the Google Chrome-dominated internet browsers industry. With consistent updates and customization options that you won't find in other browsers, Opera has managed to get a good place in the eyes of users. In spite of all the updates, Opera has many unknown features. We have listed 7 of these features for you.

1. Get a screenshot from Opera

Screenshots have become a big part of our lives. Opera users do not need any extra applications to get a screenshot from within the browser. You can take screenshot with the Snapshot feature in Opera. To use Snapshot, you must either press the camera icon in the search bar or apply a combination of Ctrl + Shift + 5


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2. You can reconcile and use your instant messaging applications with Opera

Opera also allows you to connect your personal messaging accounts and applications to the browser. To use important messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, and VK in your browser, you need to turn on this feature by coming to Manage Sidebar from Settings.

3. Make an instant call

Another feature that Opera offers is the Instant Search feature. To use this feature, you must click the search icon in the sidebar or use the Ctrl + Space combination.


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4. Dark theme

If you find Opera's design too bright, or if you're working more nights on the Internet, Opera has a dark theme. To activate the dark theme, you need to go to the View option in Settings.

5. Smart text selection feature

Opera changed the general text selection menu and made several additions. For beginners, when you are confronted with a foreign currency, Opera shows the value of this unit in your country. It also successfully converts Bitcoin units. You can also select the unit you want to change from the Settings section.


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6. Connect your phone and computer with My Flow

Designed for both Opera and PC users, the My Flow app connects two devices. With the established connection you can easily share contacts, send pictures, or share links between two devices.

7. Quick access panel

The quick access panel shows a preview of the page you entered when you clicked on the address bar. This is very useful when you need to search for something on Google while you are working on a site. You can find this feature in the Manage Quick Access menu of the Settings menu. Do you think Chrome is better or Opera? Don't forget to mention your answer in the comments and stay tuned for more on our site:)