770 Thousand Apex Legends Player Announced

Respawn Entertainment, which continues its war with cheating, continues to punish rules violations. The company has recently announced that 770,000 players have been banned from Apex Legends.

Respawn, who has been in trouble for players who have been violating the rules for a while, has finally started implementing serious sanctions. Respawn, who added a new reporting system to the game on March 19, banned serious players from Apex Legends



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Respawn has also recorded a record of 770,000 players banned by Apex Legends. This prohibition of massacres was the largest mass ban of the game world. The record holder of the previous major prohibition was Counter Strike: Global Offensive


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Frechette, who did not forget to add a few notes on the rules violation, said that the cheaters in Apex Legends began to be followed with great care and that this war would last forever.

announced that more than 4,000 cheating vendors have been removed from the community in the last 20 days.