8 people from Blockchain on Forbes' list of '30 people under 30'

Y-belt is at the forefront of the adoption of Blockchain and innovation. Forbes' list of 30 'under 30' this year with their creativity, innovations and initiatives.

Here is a list of Forbes' 30-under-30 '(The Forbes 30 Under 30)

Union Square Ventures-backed mutual fund (with $ 7.5 million from VC) financier has mathematical enthusiasts who are competing to create the best algorithms for information sets.

Berkeley graduate Santos, web access to smartphone users in Brazil.

Victor Santos

Founding partner of Airfox It provides banking: displaying advertisements, receiving crypto tokens, and mobile data. Airfox collected $ 16.5 million from VCs and ICO

Luis Cuende

Founding partner of Aragon / 22

Spanish CEO; (ie smart contracts) to manage payroll, accounting and shareholder votes.

Bobby Bao

Founding partner of Monaco / 30

Former investment banker helped spread the crypto is happening. Users can buy, change and send crypto-banknotes at one-time rates via a mobile application, or even a Visa card. ICOs gathered $ 26.7 million

Justas Pikelis and Laurynas Jokubaitis

Monetha's founding partners / 27, 25

The Lithuanians are using intelligent contracts and consumers they are fighting online fraud through a PayPal-like crypto service that confirms their reputation scores to protect.

Australia-based crypto money exchange, which was founded when Zhou was just 18 years old, allowing them to send money to any of the countries at no extra charge for a few minutes.

Reto Trinkler

Founding partner of Melonport / 27

The users of the Swiss company, they can create and manage automatic cryptographic mutual funds in more than one exchange. Melonporti has collected $ 2.9 million in ICO.