8 Social Platforms for Developers Like Github

Even if you are not interested in the software world, you may have heard GitHub, which you may encounter from time to time. We have compiled social platforms for developers and developers.

First of all, what is this GitHub? Briefly speaking GitHub is one of the largest code hosting (hosting) sites in the world. This site, which is integrated with Git software and whose main purpose is to provide storage space, provides facilities for users in software projects.

With GitHub, users can collaborate and evaluate a project independently of time, space, and even other users. At the same time, GitHub users can use Git or version control system for project management and maintenance. Subversion is a platform that offers one of the options to suit your needs.

But Github's acquisition of Microsoft for $ 7.5 million by Microsoft, one of the world's largest technology companies, does not seem to please all GitHub users. Although Microsoft doesn't have as much reputation as Facebook in this regard, it was something Github users didn't want to have their personal data bought by a major technology company. If you are not satisfied with the change that GitHub has undergone and are looking for an alternative GitHub the alternative you should take a look.

Github-like and alternative platforms for developers and developers:



One of the best GitHub alternatives in terms of usage and popularity Bitbucket. An unlimited number of public or private stores are available as a free service for your personal use or your communities of up to 5 people. You can upload your files to Bitbucket using the Git client or the Git command line.

Just like GitHub, Bitbucket offers you a free website hosting service. With Bitbucket, you can go to a website in the form, or a to project page you can have.

Bitbucket is actually more than just a Git code manager. Together with the created teams, you can easily perform project planning, collaborate on codes and assignments. Trello and JIRA application integrated with project management applications such as large and easy to complete the project allows you to complete on time. If you are looking for a free GitHub alternative, give Bitbucket a chance.



One of the best GitHub alternatives available in the industry is GitLab. Gitlab is a client designed to fully support the DevOps loop. devops The complete support of the cycle means that the software development phase can be followed and updated under Git under one roof.

A distinctive feature of GitLab is that it allows GitLab to be installed on your own server. In this way, you can use your GitLab account with a domain or host. Same time gitlab You can benefit from unlimited warehouse service which is open to everyone or private.

However, it is worth mentioning that GitLab waives GitHub's easy interface and is a bit more complicated to protect privacy. So getting started with GitLab can give users a more challenging experience than using GitHub. GitLab, which lacks the process of opening web pages with a few clicks for your repositories like GitHub, manual as these operations.



One of GitHub alternatives Beanstalk is an extremely powerful version controller and SVN hosting platform. One of the outstanding features of Beanstalk is that it allows users to edit via a web browser so users do not need a client.

Offering many features in the field, Beanstalk has almost everything you would expect from a Git platform. Beanstalk features include repository support, process and file history, and fluent code evaluation We can say that features such as the foreground.

But it's worth noting that Beanstalk is not free like GitHub. If you want to continue using Beanstalk after using a 2-week trial, you need to upgrade to a paid version. Cheapest version If you buy the bronze version, you have to pay around $ 15 per month.



Many GitHub alternatives are already available in the industry. SourceForge it is hosting many projects as an indicator of this. SourceForge, which hosts many open source Linux, Mac and Windows projects, has a very different framework than GitHub. Unlike the others, SourceForge allows CMS integration to host both fixed and variable pages.

SourceForge, where you can publish your projects as, allows you to open a web page for each of your projects. SourceForge servers support encoding languages ​​such as PHP, Perl, Pyhton, Tcl and shell. Github is a powerful website that is free like alternative can give you the chance.

AWS CodeCommit

Example: Murat Coskun

A highly adequate service to host your Git-based repositories AWS CodeCommitaims to facilitate the collaboration experience by providing users with a highly secure and scalable ecosystem. The most important feature of AWS CodeCommit is its measurability feature that eliminates the need to manage your own source control system. With this service, Aws CodeCommit can automatically scale to the increasing needs of your project and your company.

AWS CodeCommit, which offers many features that you can expect from a Git-based storage service with common working mechanics, provides convenience to users. And finally, AWS CodeCommit has all the Git tools you have, just like GitHub. in harmony It should be noted that it can work.

Apache Allura

Apache Allura

Apache is open source software Allureis used to manage source code stores, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, and other online content. When it comes to problem tracking, you can use Mark Allura to place markers, such as milestones, and file attachments in the form of a problem report. Advanced syntax search allows you to keep track of frequent searches.

Cloud Source Repositories

cloud source repositories

After the Google Code attempt failed, the Google Cloud platform and Google Code merged. Using Cloud Source Repositories in beta, users can be combined with other Git storage services such as GitHub or Bitbucket as desired. Also users Google using Google’s own repositories, which are part of their structure, can ensure that their code and applications are secure.



Launchpad is a collaborative software platform established by Canonical, an ancestor of Ubuntu. Launchpad, which is used frequently in Canonical and Ubantu related projects, has been very effective in Ubuntu based projects in PPA provisioning and bug tracking.

Although it has been on the market for a long time, it is worth mentioning that Launchpad is not as popular as other GitHub alternatives. If you don't mind working in a different interface than Github's workflow, LaunchpadAlternatif is a good alternative.

This is what we put together for you. GitHub you can choose the one that best suits your needs and have a more productive workspace.