84 percent of feedbacks in the Bitcoin ETF are negative

Looking at the letters sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it seems that the sector has begun to lose its enthusiasm about the Bitcoin ETF

. Six of these letters, 84 per cent, called for the commission to reject the application.

In one of the comments, Bitcoin has no solid basis to lift a serious product like the ETF;

In another comment, it is stated that the SEC should spend a long time before it approves the Bitcoin ETF and should reject it without hesitation.

Another commentator who thinks that Bitcoin ETF should be approved

In September 2018, the VanEck SoldiX Bitcoin ETF application received more than 1400 comments at the request of the SEC, and 99% of these comments were submitted. u was positive. However, this enthusiasm for the Bitcoin ETFs has been reduced due to the ongoing crypto-currency winter. follow us, like our Facebook page and join our Telegram channel!