9 morning routines that will make your day brighter

Wouldn't you want to start the day better? Today, we have given you 9 tips to start the day better. These tips will keep you fit, not just in the morning, but later in the day.

What do you do first when you get up in the morning? It is always difficult to leave the temperature of the bed. Sometimes even a little sleep more we can waive some things for. In this article, we will make 9 suggestions for those who have trouble recovering in the morning. Better for the day These suggestions, which will get you started, will help keep you fit during the day, although they are very simple. Let's get started right now.

Add salt to your coffee

Most people, to get up when they wake up in the morning drink coffeer. The caffeine in coffee makes you sleepy and make you feel better. Still, instead of adding sugar while drinking coffee in the morning adding salt you can choose. In fact, salt makes coffee even more delicious. can complementMoreover, you will get rid of the calories you will get from milk and sugar. Of course, we remind you not to overdo it here.

Add cinnamon to your tea

If you like to drink tea instead of coffee in the morning, we have a good suggestion for you. A pinch to add to your tea cinnamonas you get the feeling of tiredness on you your energy level It also helps control the blood sugar level that keeps it in balance. This tactic hot chocolate and you can do it with cinnamon.

A glass of water or better: Lemon water

Water is a miraculous thing that will make you feel better no matter what time of day. It will make your brain work better during the day water an amount you will add lemon juice if; Helps hydration, digestion and weight loss. day C vitamin To start with is very good for health.

Open the music

Music, our mood It is one of the best reflecting art branches. A nice day music getting started increases happiness as well as reduces anxiety. So joyful and with happy melodies getting started is a very good way of improving your mental health.

Surround your environment with bright colors

According to experts, our environment reflects our mood. You will choose your home, especially your room bright colorsmakes your mood better.

Prepare your clothes the day before

It is very important to prepare the clothes you will wear tomorrow before you go to sleep yet, to save time in the morning. Thanks to this preparation you made before, when you wake up in the morning breakfast You can devote time to important things like. Moreover, since you cannot find the things you want when you are looking for clothes in the morning, there is also the possibility of a bad start to the day.


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Keep the alarm away from your bed

It is not easy to get up when your alarm goes off in the morning. It is difficult for us all to leave the warm side of the bed and get up. For this reason, we need to create a reason to get out of bed. Get the alarm out of bed can not reach If you put it at a point, you will have to get up and turn off the alarm, so you will have crossed the line between getting up and not getting up.


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Get a handful of nuts before you go out

One of the best foods to start the day It is nuts. Hazelnut, which is very rich in fat, carbohydrates and protein, will increase your energy level and will allow you to start the day better.

Do not forget to take sunlight

The effects of sunlight on human health are scientifically proven. Affecting our emotions in a good way sunlightallows our body to take melatonin and help our brain stop producing the hormone that sleeps. We are always fit where there is sunlight.


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We came to the end of our list here. If there are any routines you recommend us to start the day, you can send them to us in the comments section.

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