9 Tips for Healthier and Happy Feelings

We have compiled 7 tricky points that will enable you to deal with unhappiness, one of the greatest problems of modern man.

Although a great majority of people say that happiness increases in direct proportion to money, true happiness is to realize the beauty of life and to lead a healthy life. Regardless of how difficult it is to get to know these kinds of beauties in the run-up to daily life, it is necessary to take a break from time to time and look around in peace to be happy in the world we come from.


We are looking for 7 key points that will help you become a healthy and happy person for you.
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Sleep more

Many studies show that inadequate sleep affects our social lives as much as it affects our bodies and hormones. The inadequate sleeping result, increased stress hormone, weakening of the immune system and many other factors can cause anxiety, depression and similar disorders in human psychology. Moreover, these kinds of discomforts that change our point of view of life are also affecting our relations with other people and imprison us into a bogey.


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The solution is for a simple, high-quality sleep, especially in the late hours of sleeping, away from your phones, your tablets, your computers, in short, blue light and all kinds of technological devices. Of course, be careful not to take too much caffeine. Try to increase your sleeping time even if you will break up your time.

For abundant water

While the male body consists of 60% water and the female body has 55% water, the essence of the word comes first of the basic needs of the human body. While it takes almost a week for a person to die of starvation, it is almost a miracle that this workout for thirst lasts for 4-5 days. Water is one of the leading factors that determine our energy level and influence our consensus. Regular and enough water consumption, make sure your health and psychology will benefit more than you expect.

Change Your Layout

Our homes, where we spend a great part of the day and almost become the identity of ourselves, take a very important place in our viewpoint. A person who can not feel peaceful even in his own home is having trouble keeping up with the outside world.

On the other hand, when you think of philosophies like Chinese originated Feng Shui, it is important to know how important your living space is in your life and how many hundreds of books written on it you must realize that it is. Even if you have the opportunity to change the colors of your walls from time to time will lead to a different look at the life. It is a scientifically proven fact that colors such as Blue and Green give man peace.

Fill your house with plants

Potted plants that we can easily reach from almost everywhere can allow you to look more positively. According to many researches, a house equipped with plants reduces the level of stress and makes you feel happier. Moreover, the colorful flowers and plants that clean up the air of your house, when examined on a physical basis

Time Stop Time and Listen to Bird Voices

According to a study by King's College London, bird sounds have a restful and restful effect on our minds, and this effect can be found in our lives for an average of 4 hours. Remember a day when you wake up with a bird's voice from a viewpoint in your life, and you must have started happily ever so happily. If you do not have such a facility, the sounds of nature and birds you have saved on your mobile phones will help you a bit.

If you are allergic or have a good cat

According to a long 10-year trial at the University of Minnesota in the US, the risk of a heart attack is reduced by 30% for people who have cats or regular cats. Although it does not make much sense, it is worth mentioning that the experiment has been tested over 4000 people for 10 years. Although there is no clear scientific explanation yet, it is estimated that the frequencies that the keds enjoy loving are positive effects on human physiology and psychology. Of course it will be very difficult to limit this title to a single animal, and it will be very useful for your health if you take care to show love to all living things as you come from your hand.

Even if you do not get tickled

Laughing during the day or encountering funny incidents can lead to very positive results on your psychology and your health. Laughing or laughing at the same time reduces your tension and speeds up your blood flow and strengthens your immune system. If you are a very unglued person, tickling can leave almost the same effects in your body. We recommend you to watch funny music and movies every time you feel unhappy about spending time with people who make you laugh.