A 3-Eyed Snake Discovered in Australia

In the Australian town of Humpty Doo, a 3-eyed snake was discovered by village guards. The story of the serpent, named Monty, came about as a result of his death last week.

We all know that Australia's snakes are famous. On social media, there are a lot of content about snakes that people living in the region are everywhere. It is even sometimes that snakes can be found even in the toilets in the country. This time, it's not the snake's whereabouts, but the snake itself. A 3-eyed carpet python was discovered near a town called Humpty Doo in Australia. Here are three-eyed snakes:

Previously, the double-headed snakes were equal, but this is the first 3-eye python discovered on earth. The third eye of the snake is located on the forehead and has a completely healthy structure. The three-eyed snake was called 'Monty'. The X-rays of Monty's skull were removed. The result was that it was not a double-headed snake like the others. The skull had a suitable eye socket for eye 3. Scientists think that this third eye may have formed properly in the skull, so that the snake was formed early in the embryo.

It is not known how this third eye is used by Monty. The story of Monty, discovered in March, came about with his death last week. What Monty saw with his third eye became the scene.