A description of the Bitcoin OTC volume from the Binance CFO, the new Ethereum based platform from EY and more …

From the rise of players with deep pockets in Bitcoin trading to a large increase in Ethereum adoption Crypto Don't miss the latest news from Para Haber

Bitcoin (BTC) news

Leading krpto para Binance The CFO says the company's OTC transaction volume has increased. Wei Zhou told Decrypt that Bitcoin's recent increase of over $ 5,000 led to a massive rise in the OTC transaction volume. The OTC volume in the stock market rose during 2019 and led to a significant increase in the company's first quarter revenue.

Ethereum (ETH) news

One of four major accounting firms, EY, is an Ethereum-based platform designed to help companies track transactions and products in the supply chain. he has initiated. This project does not release its own version of the code Ethereum as many companies have done in the past. Instead, EY will use Ethereum's public Blockchain directly

Ripple (XRP) news

The eToro CEO of the social trading platform reiterates its interest in becoming the company's xRapid partner. In a new tweette, Yoni Assia said he discussed with the Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse the XRP based cross-border payment solution and the importance of banks in the digital economy. Assia first announced that eToro was investigating its partnership with Ripple in February 2011.

Litecoin (LTC) news

Litecoin The number of nodes supporting the Lightning Network (LN) since January almost doubled. According to the Lightning follower 1ML, the network had 184 nodes running up to four months ago. Network capacity is also increasing rapidly.

TRON (TRX) news

After moving the flagship game Bitizens to TRON, the game company BitGuild says BitGuild plans to move PLAT to its TRON network

Stellar (XLM) news [19659003] The team at Stellar offers new details about the community fund to help increase the companies working on the network. The fund is available to both developers and anyone who wants to create a project in the Stellar ecosystem.


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