A Man in Russia Saved 6 Hours After Frost

A construction worker living in Siberia passed out because of his alcohol. The man, who was frozen after 6 hours, was brought back to life by supplying 5,000 volts of electricity.

n 55-year-old Vladimir Yakovlevich, who lived in Russia, was resuscitated by the interventions made 6 hours after the doge. 5,000 volts were supplied to the man's body to rescue Yakovlevich in Siberia.

Yakovlevich, a construction worker, fainted in the middle of the street due to excessive alcohol. The fact that the air temperature is still on the minus caused the old man to freeze. After 6 hours, the authorities were informed about the man who was stationary. The old man was taken to the hospital to be treated. According to doctors, Yakovlevich was frozen so badly that snowflakes on his face had not melted until after he was brought to the hospital. Doctors who do not directly intervene, they do not have a pulse, but with the help of a stethoscope expressed that they encounter signs of life.

After the incident, Dr. Dr. Dmitry Mitsukov stated that the patient had first been thrown out by using a temperature gun and then 2500 volts of electricity was given to him exactly 25 times.

According to the doctors, such intensive and powerful electricity was definitely fatal, but Yakovlevich was still in life. The elderly man, who is being kept under observation in the hospital, is expected to be discharged after the examinations.