A Man in Taiwan Swallows an AirPod at the Time of Sleep

A young man living in Taiwan swallowed his AirPod while he slept. AirPods, which came naturally, were still in a working state and did not harm the young intestines. Doctors say this is due to the soft plastic coating used in AirPods

An interesting event occurred in Taiwan. A young man named Hsu I swallowed his AirPods headphones. The young man, sleeping with his headphones, realized that after waking up, there was no one of his AirPods. When the man, who was looking around his bed, couldn't find his headphones, he tried to get help from the Find app. The application's 'beep' sound from the headphones was constantly following Hsu in the room. When the unfortunate man realized the strange situation, he went to the hospital.

Hsu had found his AirPods, but the issue of how he was going to get out was a bit distressed.

Doctors sent Hsu home, saying that if they didn't come out, there should be a procedure. Hsu, who was given a laxative, looked after his toilets and hoped that his AirPod would be released. The next day, Hsu, who studied feces, was finally able to launch Airpod. Hsu, who was very pleased with the situation, shared the photos of this moment.

What was even better was that nothing had happened to Airpods. The device was still working and had a 41 percent charge. Hsu, who went to the doctor again, was examined for any damage to the bowels. Hsu's intestines had no problems. Hsu's physician explained that in these cases severe intestinal ruptures are generally observed, but the soft plastic used in the outer cladding of Airpods has prevented this condition.