A Man Paralyzed After Squinting Through His Neck

In the state of Oklahoma, a man tore his vertebrae while he was snapping his neck.

Josh Hader, a 28-year-old resident of Oklahoma, was paralyzed after having cracked his neck. Vertebral artery called the tears in the veins of the unfortunate man, said in horror for the event. Hader's father-in-law, who was next to him at the time, told the medical teams that he had stood up and had turned to the refrigerator and had no memory of him.

Hospitalized young man, called the vertebral artery and the brain stem was found to feed the veins. Doctors who made the necessary interventions have saved Hader's life. However, Hader, who had been paralyzed after having fractured his neck, cannot be said to have fully recovered. Hader has a damaged eye due to damage to his neck. Hader even had to use eye patches until this condition improved. Hader, however, has difficulty walking and is therefore using a walker.


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Hader's doctors, who made statements on the subject, stated that this movement was a very common situation but it was very dangerous. Doctors explained that such situations could be fatal, that people should not bend their necks to crack, and that the neck would have the possibility of fracture each time it twisted, and instead could only turn one side. Moreover, it was not the first time that Hader lived in this case, 700 more cases than this case of broken neck and the cases of damage to the vertebrae of doctors said that they should be careful at this point.