A New Method for Water Purification

A group of Chinese researchers discovered a new way to purify the bacteria in drinking water in a way that they think is environmentally meaningful. When the UV light is reflected on the two-dimensional plate structure of a compound called graphitic carbon nitride, 10 liters of water are cleaned in one hour. Or some more photons of light can help the bacteria dissociate in water if we tell them more from daily life.


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It is quite important to clean drinking water and to do this without harming the environment in these days when the environment created by the climate change and the contamination of water resources lead us to a worse future each day.

Some 99.999% of them have been killed in just 30 minutes. This means 5 times faster than the current methods.


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The good thing is that it is neither difficult nor costly to produce such a system on a larger scale. While graphitic carbon nitride can be produced comfortably at a low cost, installing the system is quite simple.