A New Resume With RoboCop Returns Title

RoboCop film, shot in 2014, announced that a new sequel will be released after disappointments.

Yes, you do not hear wrong, a new RoboCop movie is coming. The director of District 9, Neill Blomkamp, ​​is shooting a brand-new movie as the sequel to the first RoboCop Films filmed in 1987 by Paul Verhoeven. The new Filmin to be captured will not be closely related to the 2014 RoboCop Filminin script.


Justin Rhodes rewrites the scripts of Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, who wrote the original screenplay, for the film to be released with the name RoboCop Returns.
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The couple wrote a script for the sequel after they wrote the original film, but Verhoeven could never make a film because of his indifference to doing so. There were 2 sequels unrelated to the Filmin story, and in 2014 a new Robocop movie was filmed. "Michael and I prepared an outline and gave an interview in Barbados and I think that the only person reading it was Neill Blomkamp and he took it in."


Neumeier, who gave life to the story,
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With regard to the new filmin topic to be drawn, it is said that anarchy reigns and the fate of Detroit will change with the return of RoboCop to fight crime and corruption. However, it is not known whether this is the end of the story directly or the beginning of a new story. But the views concentrate on the scripting of both types. Filmin In 1990 and 1993, two different sequels were filmed, and in 2014 a new RoboCop film costing $ 100 million was withdrawn, but not the expected box-office records. We hope that this new film will satisfy all expectations in both story and box office.