A New Spyware Leaked to Android Devices Discovered

A new spyware discovered by security researchers from BitDefender Antivirus leaks many data on Android devices through applications.

Spyware is extremely dangerous because of the limitations of the information that it can access on our phones and it is absolutely necessary to be conscious of this as a user. Otherwise, these software infiltrate our phone without even hearing our spirits, recording our photos, SMS, our location and even our phone calls.

In recent years, the most famous example of Triout spyware, which was finally discovered by Israel and Russia, is one of the clearest examples. This spyware was discovered by the security authorities of BitDefender Antivirus;

Triout, which has been infiltrated by many different applications, is a highly sophisticated software and unfortunately it is unlikely that users will notice the situation. The Triout, which reported that the cyber attackers had transferred their information to their servers, appeared in Russia but was heavily monitored in Israel.


            Warning to Citizens on Spyware from the President of the ICC!

How can you protect yourself from spyware?

Be sure not to download apps from third party stores other than official store apps.
Always limit access permissions for all downloaded applications.
Use mobile security software.
Always use the most up-to-date software published for your device.






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