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There are opinions about the country situation below.

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Politics appealing to us everywhere in the rallies and in every corner of the parliament, the changing education system with every incoming minister, the total amount of money transferred to political parties this year is 821.1 million Adnan Oktar and his pets, beautiful Leyla and september, the fact that our country has increased the sexual abuse cases by 700 per cent in the last 10 years, the controversy about the execution, the reverse legal system that works as if it did not work, the inflation rate of June 15.39, a new cabinet, a fertile ground that continues to the zenith at the fastest rate, minds sleeping with Survivor, only 1 minute a day to read a book, 6 hours watching television, 3 hours a day watching television,

Let's breathe a little … Continue to read a sip of water and

numbers around 120. The number of people who are unemployed is around 46,000, the green area per capita in Istanbul is about 8 square meters, the establishment of Izmir Bay industrial waste to reach significant levels of pollution rate due to the discharge and to belong to the most polluted part of Golcuk region, the world's top 500 universities of the Turkish universities on the list can enter only 5 of them, the last 20 years the water amount per capita in Turkey 4,000m³ 'from today fall 1,430m³, according to the PISA test in the natural sciences in Turkey's 65 countries, 43 in mathematics, 44 is # 42 in comprehending what they read in their own language, Turkey's largest 500 companies of the 186 most low-tech goods, while producing only 12 high-tech mall ar production, India sending probes to Mars orbit and costs 74 million dollars, 600 million dollars to the palace to be built in Turkey saying … that this is all over, has affected us negatively. We are now more unhappy, more intolerant and desperate people. We do not have any anticipation for the future, but our only concern is not to be hungry. Even when choosing a profession, the only thing we are paying attention to is the abdomen tuck. I can not think about the politics of the future of the country at least 10 years later, the plans in the space area, while we are still busy with these kinds of problems.

By leaving the path of reason and science, we are pulling out the only one with real life. We can not balance the past and the future. We are searching for it in the past too, or we have no access to the future.

Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.) says:

"Either teach, learn or listen or be knowledgeable. But do not be fifth; (19659002)



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Aysegul Arslan.